Abdulmawla from despair to hope

Abdulmawla was a young man at his tender-age when his life has turned upside down, like a real nightmare, since he lost one of his lower limbs during the long-standing Syrian crisis over the last 7 years. Although despair was about to take his life, he did not give up and he
Walk on two feet..

Omar dream is achieved

This is what Omar wished and achieved for him by “SEMA” after a long treatment trip.. The Syrian Expatriates Medical Association – SEMA returned the smile to Omar’s face after he had losing it by war machine  for more than five years, because of his

The beginning of a healing journey for Lojane and Omar

Lucien and Omar, are two children from the countryside of Idlib, northern Syria. Their house was bombed in 2013 by the Syrian regime which resulted in the injury of the face of Lucien with deep burns. So that her innocent smile has vanished. Her brother Omar could not also

A Step Of Hope Campaign return hope to the child Abdullah

Regained consciousness after the bombing of the aircraft that hit his school, to see his right leg bleeding blood from about two meters away from him, and his friends lying next to him Watch the video and learn the story of the child Abdullah, who lost his foot, and how the