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Walk on two feet..

Omar dream is achieved

This is what Omar wished and achieved for him by “SEMA” after a long treatment trip..

The Syrian Expatriates Medical Association – SEMA returned the smile to Omar’s face after he had losing it by war machine  for more than five years, because of his amputation of his right leg and loss of his younger brother and deformity injury of  his mother and his sister who did not exceed 13 years of.

This came within the framework of “SEMA” diligent in providing medical assistance for all and the advancement of health reality at Syria in general, and research and investigation of humanitarian cases most in need of assistance and help them. Omar was one of the cases that “SEMA” reached to him in the north of Syria; He was taken to Turkey with all his family members to follow a long journey of treatment.

Today Omer ends this journey, which lasted about a year, accompanied by “SEMA” step by step, during which he underwent medical sessions and exercises on the use of the new industrial party, to adapt to him as a part of his body, and fulfills his dream of walking and playing just like any child did not steal the war innocent smile.